Lamar Advertising
Lamar Advertising is a full service outdoor advertising company with over 1,000 billboards in the area. We've been in business since 1902 and offer outdoor campaigns that range from the tradional permanent billboard to the new digital displays. We also offer everything from the tradional 12 month campaign to the new more flexible schedules that are daily, weekly, monthly, etc...

Our philosophy is to learn as much about a customers needs as possible and then mutually determine if we have a program that can assist them in eliminating it. We strive to be consultants and give honest feedback regardless if that means a customer uses outdoor, radio, broadcast or print.

Outdoor Advertising

Location :
3121 East Elm
Springfield MO 65802

Contact :
Eric Worden
Work phone : (417) 862-3778
Fax : (417) 831-6689

Email :

Website :

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